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Ziad Rasamny
Chairman and CEO

What We Do

About Unifam

The Rasamny family has accumulated numerous years of experience in the automotive sector. Our founding Fathers made unique contributions to the Lebanese car industry. This fueled in us a passion in pursuing further markets and moving all boundaries. Our companies’ financial standing and vast experience in the industry allow us to provide high quality vehicles at the lowest price possible, while maintaining an excellent service with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Established in 2004 by Ziad Rasamny, a renowned business man with 40+ years of experience in the automotive sector worldwide, Unifam is the umbrella company that manages several sub-divisions from automotive, retail, fleet, car rentals, car export and other ventures...

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Our professional team specializes in addressing complex challenges to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.
What We offer

Spare Parts

Unifam primarily supplies all Korean, Chinese, and Japanese spare parts. Additionally, we are the exclusive distributors of Speedmate lubricants and parts in West Africa, Libya, Liberia, and Lebanon.

As the No.1 Brand of Aftermarket in Korea, Speedmate supplies OE equivalent auto spare parts for Asian vehicles such as Korea and Japan to the global market. Our products are 100% made in Korea and mostly supplied by OE Manufacturers

MG genuine and after market spare parts are rigorously tested to meet the same high-quality standards as those used in vehicle manufacturing. They are certified, distributed, and guaranteed for top safety, performance, and reliability.

Mitsubishi genuine and after market spare parts are engineered and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle while enhancing performance and style when you shop Toyota genuine and after market spare parts online. We have the perfect parts made to fit the exact specifications of your Toyota.

Hyundai genuine and after market spare parts are designed and engineered specifically for delivering performance and longevity of your Hyundai cars, all Hyundai spare parts are made to the highest standards.

Chery has equipped its models with genuine and after market spare parts, which fully meet the technical specifications of the original equipment and must be the ideal solution for your vehicle maintenance.

Nissan promises innovation that’s guaranteed to excite. Maintain your Nissan with genuine and after market spare parts from Nissan parts & Accessories Online and ensure a smarter and more thrilling ride.

Changan genuine service parts and after market spare parts are manufactured according to exacting standards specifically for your vehicle. Changan parts are extensively tested to guarantee your car's durability, safety and performance.

To keep your Kia running smoothly and to continue driving worry-free, we recommend using Kia genuine parts and aftermarket spare parts engineered to exact standards by Kia and matching the original specification of the vehicle.

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Showrooms And Offices

Unifam is operating 20 showrooms with different brands all around Africa. All our showrooms are located in key areas to ensure easy accessibility and customer satisfaction.
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News And Events

In the world of automotive innovation
we bring you the latest updates about Unifam and the automotive sector.
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  • Address Gefinor Center, Bloc B 14th floor, Hamra, Beirut.
  • Email info@unifamonline.com
  • Phone +961 1746192